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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is incredible for kids

As student learn and master traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques, working toward and earning their next belt, they learn the positive power of goal setting, discipline and achievement.

They also learn self defense, and develop a real sense of inner strength, confidence and self esteem.

The art and techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teach patience, control and the ability to adapt and find solutions to situations in life. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a holistic approach to life that also teaches the importance of having good values as a person. These are all skills and qualities that, when developed in children, will carry them successfully through life.

Children aged 5 – 15 years old must wear white traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi (uniform) to classes. These can be purchased from our gym or you are welcome to source your own.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Children’s Rank System Explained

Frequently Asked Questions- Children’s Classes

How do I change my child's training day?

If you wish to change your childs training day you will need to contact the admin to see if this is possible.

What uniform does my child need to wear?

Students are expected to have proper uniform and equipment for class.


New students are NOT required to have the correct uniform for the first few classes. You can wear sports clothing if you do not have specific BJJ or grappling gear.


Children, aged 15 and under are required to wear WHITE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi uniforms during gi training classes.


Terms 2 and 3 will require the wearing of a gi (with a rash vest underneath) and terms 1 and 4 will be no gi (rash vest and shorts)


Whilst attending  class at Mount Maunganui Jiu Jitsu your child’s uniform will display/show NO patches from other clubs.


For more uniform/equipment details go here

What happens if my child's class falls on a public holiday?

If you child’s class falls on a public holiday we ask you that you bring your child to a make-up class on another weekday. Please contact the admin prior so the coaches can be informed an extra child will be attending the class.

When will my child get a stripe or go up a belt?

Here at Mount Maunganui Jiu Jitsu we give one stripe per school term (awarded on the last week of the school term) for positive reinforcement. When receiving the 4th stripe, which means training for the duration of 4 school terms or 1 year, and, if the child is up to the moral and technical standards, they will change their belt automatically when they receive their 4th stripe. If the child, as per the coaches discretion, is still not up to the moral and technical standards they will continue on the same belt with 4 stripes until informed by the coaches.


A child that starts part-way through the term will need to train for a minimum time of 5 weeks before the first stripe for positive reinforcement can be received.

When is the children's grading?

The last week of the school term we do our grading, where students will receive a stripe or go up a belt.


We ask that your child(ren) wear their Gi pants and rash guard to class and they bring with them in a bag their gi jacket and belt. We’ll ask them to put their bag by their footwear and will finish class a few minutes early for them to put on the jacket and belt.


Your child(ren) will receive their stripe or belt in their first class of the week at the end of the class. If your child(ren) come to multiple days they are only required to wear their gi pants and bring their gi and belt to their first class of the week.


Children who do not have a gi and belt will still receive the acknowledgement of their hard work and a stripe will be added to their belt once they have purchased a gi and belt.

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