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Mount Maunganui Jiu Jitsu




  • I will advise Mount Maunganui Jiu Jitsu (hereafter referred to as MMJJ) of any changes in my/my child’s health conditions.
  • I acknowledge that MMJJ will not be held liable if I/my child gets injured during training at MMJJ.
  • I allow MMJJ to use photos/videos of me/my child to promote the club.
  • If my/my child’s class falls on a public holiday then this class can be made up another day during the week. Please advise MMJJ administration prior to coming to make-up class.
  • In the event of a pandemic closure MMJJ will not refund fees but will offer make-up classes upon reopening. You will be advised of these dates.
  • Part of MMJJ curriculum consists of being competent in Gi based Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. No-Gi is also part of the curriculum, however to graduate and move up in belt levels Gi training must be a focus.
  • MMJJ will not grade or change belts of students who only train in no gi.
  • Open mat sessions are organised by MMJJ members via our WhatsApp group. MMJJ will not be responsible for member’s non attendance of open mats.
  • It is MMJJ’s policy that we will not enrol adults/children with us who are enrolled or registered with another Jiu Jitsu club
  • I will read and familiarise myself with, and others I am responsible for, the MMJJ Student Guide (found on our website/displayed on the wall at the gym/printed leaflet at reception), which includes MMJJ guidelines and procedures. It is the duty of members to follow and understand MMJJ rules.
  • MMJJ reserves the right to refuse service and training to any party, member or otherwise at our complete discretion.
  • MMJJ reserves the right to terminate memberships at our complete discretion.
  • I understand that I’m not allowed to conduct any sort of business inside of the club that is related in any way to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This includes the sale of merchandise.
  • I understand that once graduating as a black belt, students of the club cannot open a gym/club within a 10km radius of any MMJJ club/gym.


  • After completing the 7 day trial students are required to wear a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi and belt for gi tutorial classess and ranked rash guards for no gi tutorial classe
  • Whilst attending a class at MMJJ your/your child’s uniform will display/show NO patches from other clubs.
  • At open mats MMJJ allows uniforms with patches from other clubs
  • Visitors are not expected to wear MMJJ gi’s/patches or ranked rash guards.


  • Children 15 years or younger are required to wear WHITE Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi uniforms during gi training classes.
  • Childrens fees have to be paid in full prior to the first class of the term, unless an arrangement has been made with MMJJ. Children who have fees in arrears, will not be allowed to attend classes.


  • Students who would like to compete need to notify their coach as soon as possible. Competitors are required to represent MMJJ via either patches on their Gi, MMJJ branded rash vests, and/or general clothing (hoodies, t-shirts etc).

*** Adult students: Your children are your responsibility at MMJJ and must be supervised at all times. MMJJ will not be held responsible for injury/harm to your child while they are accompanying you to our establishment and/or your training.***


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