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Students of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu develop a true sense of self confidence and improved self esteem, while learning the importance of values, discipline, and control both on and off the mat.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches students to effectively defend themselves without punching or kicking, and also how to diffuse a situation without violence.

The behaviour, skills, and knowledge learnt at Mount Maunganui jiu jitsu are kept forever.

General Information

Address: 5B MacDonald Street, Mount Maunganui- Behind Tile Max

Parking: Use MMJJ carparks or park on the road.

Prior to class: Check in for your class on the tablet at reception. Make sure that any pre-existing injuries are strapped/bandaged up. Strapping tape is available for purchase at the shop.

Read our Terms & Conditions and Membership Details

Uniform: The uniform worn for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is called a Gi. We have these for sale at our shop in the gym, or you can source your own. See below information for childrens gi requirments. For seminars and grading a WHITE Gi is compulsory, hence we recommend your first Gi is white.

More uniform and equipment information here

We follow the IBJJF uniform requirements found here



Children aged 5 – 15 years old must wear white traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi (uniform) to classes. These can be purchased from our gym or you are welcome to source your own.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Children’s Rank System Explained



  • Leave your pride outside, come in and learn
  • If you are late, go and say “hi” to the instructor so they know you arrived, wait on the side to be welcomed onto the mats
  • STAND in line before the class starts in ORDER of belt colour. The NEWEST member is last in line
  • Use manners
  • No foul language
  • Bow and shake hands every time it’s appropriate during greetings and training
  • Bring to class your own DRINK BOTTLE & JANDALS (towel if you sweat a lot)
  • Wear footwear off the mats
  • All instructors and students must wear footwear when walking outside the mats area
  • Maintain your posture during class, no laying down or leaning on the wall.  
  • Wear clean GI or NO GI attire and tear-free
  • Be clean, brush teeth and wear deodorant
  • For safety reasons, fingernails and toenails must be short
  • Never train when sick or with skin infection
  • All metal objects, jewellery, piercings, necklaces etc should be removed before training starts
  • Don’t take your jacket off because you are tired or hot, wait until you finish the class
  • Learn to tie your belt. Ask a senior member to help you if you are unsure
  • Show RESPECT by bowing before you enter the mat and leave the mat.
  • When sparring, don’t stop during the round, do the round until it’s over
  • No coaching from outside the mats
  • During the class if you must leave the mat, inform  the professor/coach FIRST.
  • Refer to non black belt instructor as “Coach” and to a Black belt instructor as “Professor”
  • AGGRESSION is not tolerated at MMJJ; you will NOT be welcomed at the club if you are AGGRESSIVE towards your team members
  • When rolling give way to the higher belts
  • Wear your belt and ranked rash guard during tutorial classes, it’s your identity and symbolises your rank in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • For grading and seminars a WHITE GI is compulsory unless other gi colour is required by the organisers. (We recommend the FIRST GI you purchase is WHITE)


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a close contact sport; we need to be extra hygienic in order to protect ourselves and our team mates from sickness.

  • Your FINGER & TOE nails should be clean and short; this is for hygiene reasons plus for protecting our mats.
  • Please remove any jewellery that may be pulled out of the skin while rolling – OUCH!
  • Do not come to the gym SICK.
  • Wash your GI after every class.
  • If you are not feeling so “FRESH’ before class feel free to make use of our showers.
  • Dry your BELT in the sun (as a tradition belts are not washed).
  • Anti viral/bacteria spray is available to clean BLOOD off the mats, please use with paper towels.
  • We provide tissues, rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes, ice packs and a FIRST AID KIT.
  • Wear jandles/footwear to the TOILET and off the mats.


It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the student of the expectations required of them at Mount Maunganui Jiu Jitsu.

  • Listen and focus when the instructor is talking
  • Practise techniques properly with your partner
  • Don’t celebrate when you win or when a student loses, there is no losing at the gym, we are all here to learn.
  • Don’t decline training mates for sparing if a child doesn’t want to spare with another child, they need to explain “why”.
  • don’t use aggression towards training mates during sparring. 
  • Take care of each other when sparring
  • Punching and kicking is not acceptable, students and parents will be required to attend a meeting with the coaches hat the Mount Maunganui Jiu-Jitsu to resolve the incident.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions (you can always ask the instructor in private)
  • Follow the student guide and mat etiquette
  • Enjoy your training!

Our disciplinary procedure consists of 3 steps:
Step 1: Verbal warnings.
Step 2: The student will be required to sit on the mat and watch the class – for 10 min.
Step 3: The student will be required to sit off the mat and watch the class until the class is finished.

  • If the student reaches the step 2/3, the instructor will inform the parents.
  • If the student reaches the step 3, 3 times during the same school term, the student will be expelled from the school, with no payment refund.
  • Remember, we are a team and your teammates have the right to learn in class without distractions!
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